Process Engineering

Triple-T's in-depth understanding of the wastewater industry enables us to provide our clients with a design platform offering which combines biological, chemical and physical processes knowhow with high civil, electrical and mechanical engineering capabilities.

We deliver planning services to a wide variety of wastewater treatment facilities from municipal wastewater systems to decentralized rural solutions, according to each site conditions and constrains, including the following fields:

  1.     iDomestic wastewater treatment 
  2.     Industrial wastewater treatment 
  3.     Agricultural wastewater treatment: Piggeries, dairies and olive presses
  4.     TAYA systems for wastewater treatment
  5.     Sludge stabilization systems designed to Class A standard

Process design

Processes design is a fundamental element in Triple-T's ongoing activities and serves as an integral part of our product offering.  Our significant experience with diverse range of wastewater treatment process design tools enables us to approach new system design projects or to solve complex process-related problems, using our biological process and engineering design knowledge, and to offer optimized process design outcome.


Our skills in wastewater treatment processes allow us to design solutions that achieve high quality levels meeting tertiary quality standards for agricultural irrigation (10/10 mg/l BOD/TSS and 10/25/5 mg/l NH4 /TN/TP) as well as tertiary quality standards for recreational purposes (10/10 mg/l BOD/TSS and 1/10/2 mg/l NH4 /TN/TP).


Throughout the process design project, process and operational parameters are collected and used as a basis for planning the full-scale system. The client is kept up-to-date with the results to guarantee a successful result.

Triple-T's TAYA technology combined with our process design knowhow enables us to offer a unique platform which combines the simplicity and operational benefits of extensive systems with the intensive high load treatment capabilities of electromechanical systems.