Triple – T specializes in the design, construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants. Triple-T team has vast experience in intensive and extensive anaerobic solutions including electricity production.

Triple – T can accompany or lead the project from its initial stages up to operation.

This includes:

  • Initial economic evaluation: identification of potential wastewater/manure suppliers, lab evaluation of manure, potential income sources beside electricity and building the business model.
  • Initial design and authorization: evaluating broad range of anaerobic technologies, submitting all documents required to the authorities, promoting issues with the authorities such as carcass treatment, digestate land application, Etc.  
  • Design: Concept and full detailed design. Triple - T has a broad experience in process, civil and electro mechanical engineering.
  • Construction: accompany, management and site supervision.
  • Running in and operation: Triple - T's team has a vast experience in wastewater operation including anaerobic treatment, self-electricity production or supply electricity to the Israeli electric network. Triple – T has a full laboratory service for process follow up and R&D.

Triple – T has a professional support by international companies specializing in agricultural and organic waste Biogas.

Triple – T has a wide range of industry experience working with dairy farms in Israel. The understanding of the difference between different dairy farms is essential for design an efficient and economic Biogas plant. 

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